why should restaurants create a qr menu for covid 19?

why should restaurants create a qr menu for covid 19?

posted byQR menu20/08/2021

In these days of the coronavirus, all public businesses are conducting business differently, and if you’re a restaurant or diner, you likely already have a QR menu that customers can scan so that paper menus are less necessary.

If you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon and you’re still handing out paper menus to your customers, you’re likely creating unsanitary situations that are just not necessary.

These quick-response digital menus are super quick and easy to access because anyone with a smartphone can access them.

If you’re still not convinced that these types of menus are the way to go, below are five reasons that should convince you that they are.

They Are Super Convenient

With QR menus, customers can access your selection of food items anywhere, any time. There is no download necessary so it’s both fast and easy to find out what’s on your menu at any given time.

This is a huge convenience when people are ordering “to go” items because they’ll always have access to the most current menu you have.

QR menu is a Great Marketing Tool

Promoting and marketing your business is a constant need, but once you create a QR menu for your customers, this becomes yet another tool to keep your brand in front of them so they don’t forget you.

Every time customers look at your menu, the name of your restaurant will be etched in their minds, so you can almost consider this to be free advertising.

It Is Much More Hygienic to have a digital menu

When it comes to COVID-19, you can’t be too careful or too hygienic. Fewer paper menus mean fewer germs being spread around from person to person, which means less likelihood of people getting sick.

Many people are paranoid about the virus, and with good reason since it has experienced a resurgence lately. Digital menus just give customers a lot less to worry about when it comes to COVID.

QR code are Incredibly Efficient

You can personalize the menu and update it as frequently as you like, so your customers always have access to the latest and most up-to-date menu for your restaurant or diner.

This makes it especially good for restaurants that offer frequent specials or who simply like changing their menu from time to time. Digital menus are much more efficient all the way around.

They Don’t Have to Be Boring or Drab

Today’s digital menus don’t have to be boring or all look alike.

In fact, the menus of today can be made to look much nicer and can even link to social media pages or even photographs.

Photographs are especially helpful because who doesn’t love viewing a picture of the food they’re about to order? There really is more you can do with your QR menu than you think!

Are You Ready to Get Started?

Companies such as QR Menu can help you get started even if your business has never before had digital menus for your customers. Digital menus offer tons of advantages, including the ability to:

  • Increase order values
  • Speed up table turnover
  • Save money on printing costs
  • Entice with food images
  • Enable one-click social media sharing
  • Update menu items easily

For your customers, it couldn’t be any easier because all they do is point their smartphone at a QR code and wait until the notification pops up.

When it does, they simply click on that notification and they’ll be automatically sent to a web page that has the full menu on it that is easy to see and easy to read.

As your customers browse the menu, they can even share it with their social media followers if they like. The task is both simple and fast.

If you ever need to change the menu items, food descriptions, or even the prices, you can do so whenever you feel it is necessary.

The QR code allows the menu to load instantly so that all of your customers can have their own digital menu to enjoy, and we make sure the menu is instantly translated into other languages besides English when they need to be.

Our menus can essentially be personalized to your needs so that your customers are always thrilled with them.

Costing You Less Than You Think

For just $49 per month, you can start your own digital menu service that will be a much more sanitary way for customers to access your menus.

Even when they come into your restaurant, a digital menu is a great idea because it offers far more advantages than regular paper menus do.

Digital menus can be accessed with any smartphone and are loaded quickly so that customers don’t have to wait to view them.

But of course, the most important reason for your restaurant to use digital menus is because it provides for better customer engagement and therefore better customer loyalty.

QR Menu even allows you to get started for free so that you can test out our services and make sure they are right for your restaurant or diner.

We have a DIY plan that allows you to receive your own QR code so that you can build the digital menu yourself, or you can use our menu-builder if you’re a little less tech-savvy.

Your restaurant can now be compliant to all COVID-19 requirements, and you can even edit when you’re on the go should you need to do so.

With both the free and $49/month version, you get excellent customer service and a simple way to personalize your digital menu.

With the $49 version, you also get an ads-free menu and a dedicated project manager, plus 50 complimentary QR stickers.

Whatever plan you decide to go with, this is your time to modernize your restaurant or diner and provide your customers with a simple and sanitary way to view your menu.

QR Menu can help you get a great-looking, easy-to-maneuver digital menu that your customers will love. The menus are a great marketing tool and are good for both to-go orders and dine-in orders.

Contact us today and learn how we can help you.