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Get your QR code and build your digital menu on our QR menu builder.

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Frequently asked questions

How does the mobile payment work?

Mobile payments are only optional on QRmenu. You can choose to make select menu items available for sale online.
You will first need to create your full menu and then integrate a payment software. Choose your preferred payment software to integrate and get access to a platform that will handle all of your payments in one place./

How can I update my menu?

Updating your menu couldn't be easier! You can log into your account using a mobile or a desktop device. Make your changes on the go and publish. Within seconds your updates will go live. That's it, you are done.

Can my customers place orders through their phone?

First, you can choose if you want to allow only payments. Second, your customers can benefit by viewing the menu online even if they don't checkout online. Having a mobile menu is an overall easier way to browse a menu.

How can I order my QR codes?

Once you setup your menu and publish it, you will be able to use an auto generated QR code to access your menu online. You can simply download the QR code from the builder and print it yourself, or, if you are on our PROFESSIONAL plan, request the 50 free waterproof QR stickers from us. Contact us if you need assistance in ordering the waterproof QR stickers while on the STARTER plan.

No time to do it?

Your QR code and digital menus will be delivered to you in 2 business days.

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