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Contactless QR Menu #1 Digital Menu For Hotels

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QR menu is dynamic and easy to manage your hotel room service

Very simple for customers:

Point a phone camera at a QR code, a notification will pop up that, when clicked, will send you to a web page.

Growing Your Social Media

As guests browse your QR menu, they can directly share to their social media accounts.

Easy menu updates

Quickly change menu items, prices, and descriptions that appear on your digital menu whenever you want.

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Your QR code will load your digital menu instantly!

To Engage Better With Your Customers

  • Eliminate menu sharing between customers
  • Read menu items easily
  • Fast loading for better experience
  • Read QR code with any smartphone
  • One click social media sharing
  • Instant translation for foreigners

QR solution to increase both revenue and customer satisfaction.

See how customers interact with your social media

Original Ways to Get 5X More People Sharing Your Business on your social media.

Unmatched data for you to improve your business

QR menu providing unmatched data for owners.

Rush hours scan

Best view & clicks

Customer's country

Create a custom digital Menu QR code for your restaurant

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Growing a Successful Business

Entrepreneurs understand that running their business is not stagnant.

  • Increase order values
  • Speed up table turnover
  • Save money on printing costs
  • Entice with food images
  • One click social media sharing
  • Update menu items easily

Read what our client has to say about our QR code menu experience!

"Our customers at Mauro's Cafe love our QR menu! They have been scanning it easily from our table stickers, and our digital menu loads incredibly fast on their phones. We are proud to offer a safe menu option to our customers, and they are excited to try our new QR menu."

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