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QR Code Menus Pricing Plan

Receive your menu built by professional developers within 48 hours and get full access to customize your menu on our QR builder


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Build a digital menu yourself or let us build if for you with eligible QR sticker purchase.

  • Compliant to COVID-19 requirements

  • Fast-loading Digital Menu with QR Code

  • Safe, paperless and eco-friendly experience

  • Hosting

  • A dedicated project manager

  • Easy to use editing platform

  • Edit on-the-Go Training

  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

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Receive full service development with VIP plan. Remove ads and track daily visitor analytics.

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QR Code Menu Benefits

Get your QR code and digital menu built for you in 2 business days. Stay ahead of top industry trends with our QR code menus!

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Provide a safe environment free of contamination while running your business like a pro.

Fast QR menu delivery

Create your menu quickly with our pre-designed template or let us do it for you within 48 hours.

Get ready-to-use QR codes

Receive QR code table sticker from us by mail, and a printable PDF version by email

Fast-loading digital menu

With AMP technology your customer with view your menu in less than a second, the fastest loading speed available today!

Become eco-friendly

Offering a QR menu option in your restaurant/hotel allows you to reduce the waste.

Update menu on the go

Make live updates to your digital menu without reprinting your QR menu every time

Understand customer behavior

Find out how often your customers visit your menu and what items they are most interested in

No more language barrier

Detect the language your customers speak and automatically translate your QR menu for them

Get Your QR Code Menus in 3 Easy Steps!

QR code menus are an easy and fast way for your customers to view your menus from their phones. Discover how simple it is to get your QR code with dopweb!

Select your favorite QR menu plan

To get started send us a PDF file of your menu and place an order for stickers or subscribe for a monthly plan.

Get your fast-loading QR menu

Get your QR code and a digital menu built by professional designers delivered to you in 2 business days.

Place your QR code in your locations

Receive QR code stickers by mail, or print your QR code and place it in visible areas of your restaurant and hotel.

QR Code Menu Testimonial

Read what our client has to say about our QR code menu experience!

Our customers at Mauro's Cafe love our QR menu! They have been scanning it easily from our table stickers, and our digital menu loads incredibly fast on their phones. We really enjoy receiving weekly menu analytics, which helps us to better understand our customers' preferences. We are proud to offer a safe menu option to our customers, and they are excited to try our new QR menu.


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