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Drew estates chunky

Drew estate's kentucky fire cured cigars showcase tobacco that, instead of being air-cured like most cigars, is cured over a fire — changing the flavor profile and adding smoke to the tobacco's drying process. as such, these kentucky fire cured cigars present intriguing notes of roasted wood and smokiness akin to peaty scotch whiskey. also available in the candela-wrapped swamp and flavored tip sweets versions.

minors-lounge - Drew Estates Chunky

Drew estates fat molly

Fat molly is a big girl with even bigger flavor! this nicaraguan bombshell is bursting at the seams with notes of roasted hickory, oak, and sweet kentucky burley tobacco to create a smoke unlike anything you have ever experienced. burley was unheard of as a cigar blend until the amazing minds of drew estate made it magical.

minors-lounge - Drew Estates Fat Molly

Fuente short story

Strength - medium. this cigar is firm at first, then the draw opens to deliver a rich smoke. woody, leather and licorice notes lead to a big chocolate finish.

minors-lounge - Fuente Short Story

Villiger 1888

Strength - mild to medium. this cigar starts with sweet and nutty notes and evolves into layers of cedar and pepper. it finishes with a snap of fruit and leather.

minors-lounge - Villiger 1888


Strength - full. this cigar has spicy herbal notes with sophisticated honey and earth accents, making it a rich, varied and refined smoke. it's earthy beginning followed to the end with it's spicy complex undertones.

minors-lounge - Patoro

Rocky patel

A toro and half corona

minors-lounge - Rocky Patel

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