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Pick a QR menu, not just a QR code generator.

QR codes are an easy, sustainable entrance to a restaurant’s menu. Guests simply scan the QR code to view a menu.

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To Engage Better With Your Customers

  • Eliminate menu sharing between customers
  • Read menu items easily
  • Fast loading for better experience
  • Read QR code with any smartphone
  • One click social media sharing
  • Instant translation for foreigners

Benefits of QR Codes:
6 real reasons to use them

save money & the environment

All menus are digital, saving restaurants money on printing. You are saving money in your pockets and the environment.

Increase order values

Consumers spend more when they order digitally. In fact, you can increase your average order value by as much as 30%

Grow Your Social Presence

Give your visitors the option to share your restaurant directly from your QR menu. Display share counts to showcase

Speed up table turnover

Having faster table turnover is one of the best ways to increase both revenue and customer satisfaction.

Entice with food images

A study by Limetray shows that menu conversion rates increase by over 25% when menus use images

Update menu items easily

Restaurant staff simply go edit their menu online and it is automatically updated across the QR codes.

Understand behavior customers analytic

QR menu allow restaurant managers to monitor how customers interact with their menu in real-time, providing unmatched data for owners.

  • Daily QR Scan count
  • Users in real time
  • Languages of Your Customers
  • Best categories
  • Rush hours

Keep menus up-to-date in real-time without any printing

Guests simply scan the code to view a menu. For restaurants, this puts the focus on the digital or online menu

Transform Your Dining Experience with QR menu

“Our customers at Mauro's Cafe love our QR menu! They have been scanning it easily from our table stickers. We are proud to offer a safe menu option to our customers, and they are excited to try our new QR menu. ”

Evelyne joan

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